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African Miliki offers authentic yet innovative gourmet African food catering with chefs to dish out contentment for your event. Our online store showcases oma'sTM brand specialty seasonings, spices and African Food for your retail and/or bulk wholesale shopping convenience.

At our CATERING department, you whet your appetite on our gourmet food joyfully prepared by each connoisseur chef whose expertise is linked to the African dishes on display. In African Miliki's kitchen, our highly acclaimed Chef Mama Miliki is aided by an On-Call Chef with expert knowledge of the African dishes of interest. Our On-Call Chefs provide catering for diverse events at various locations. Dishes include African gourmet scrumptious like Jollof-rice and perfumed-riceaccompanying delicately smoked, roasted or fried meat, fish and vegetables; chicken-banana-peanut casserole from Kenya, red stew from Nigeria and the Brazilian feijoada. Yummy! Favorites are soups like Pepper-soup, hors d'oeuvres like Suya (seasoned peanut grit-coated meat and vegetable barbecue), Akara (bean fritters), dodo (fried plantain),

Chin-chin (deep fried cookies) meat or vegetable pies, delightful fruit cakes and fruit-topped Ogi/Custard desserts. A total hit in the African Miliki kitchen is Suya-pizza: flat wheat dough, topped with one or more choice of meat, fish, mushrooms and vegetables coated with seasoned peanut grit, then grilled or baked in an oven. is the online outlet store for the distribution, by African Miliki Foods Ltd., of oma'sTM brand African food like Akara Mix, Ogi (Akamu), and seasonings like Jollof Rice Seasoning, Red Stew Seasoning, Pepper Soup Seasoning, Yaji Spices (Barbecue Seasoning) and Suya Coating. Visit us there for your shopping convenience.

Why African Miliki?
To achieve a harmonic group through synchronization of the individual's own rhythm with the heartbeat of Africa. Of particular significance is the authenticity, yet innovation, in the presentation of African cultures to people with roots or interest in Africa.




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