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click to enlarge (catering the individual feast with gourmet African cooking like this suya-pizza)
CATERING click image to enlarge

Food at African Miliki is unpretentiously gooood! A bite of this Chicken Suya-pizza and the joy it brings makes you understand why we at African Miliki provide catering to a variety of events and parties. In African Miliki's kitchen is Mama Miliki, a highly acclaimed expert Chef, helped on each catering occasion by an On-Call-Chef and servicers versed in cooking particular African dishes showcased on our FOOD DISPLAY. For your convenience and a small fee, our On-Call-Staff will deliver, and if need be, serve at each catered event. Catering venues could be either at our hall rentals, or other indoor/outdoor public as well as private places.

Buffet at a private party

Besides food preparation at our kitchen, for a fee we will cook at commercial kitchens of your choice and booking.

click to enlarge (rice fufu) click to enlarge (bitterleaf soup)
click to enlarge (Catering party cocktails with appetizers like moi-moi, chin-chin, plantain, melons) click to enlarge (coconut-rice)

Our cuisine exhibits scrumptious African dishes like Coconut-rice (pot above), Jollof-rice and Perfumed-rice accompanying delicately smoked, roasted or fried meat, fish and vegetable. We offer soups like Pepper-soup and casseroles like Chicken-banana-peanut. Other gourmet food such as Gumbo, Edikaikon, Egusi, okra and bitterleaf soup (center bowl) served with rice fufu (white mash above), Kenke, Agidi or Couscous are from our unique cooking recipes. Feijoada, mixed vegetables, cassava and fish salad, Nigerian style vegetable salad; beef, chicken, mutton, goat, sea-food, bean, vegetable, or tomato stews and soups come with a side dish of white or wild rice. Yummy! The sight and taste of our fresh fruit platters and fruit salad bowls are to die for.

click to enlarge ( (Catering a party with beef/chicken/pepper suya-pizza)Suya-pizza - a total hit in our kitchen


Suya-pizza is a flat dough (crust) covered with tomato stew and topped with a choice of thinly sliced bits of beef steak or chicken breast, fish, mushroom and/or vegetables coated with peanut puree seasoned with Yaji Spices, then grilled over charcoal or baked in an oven. Like other African Miliki's authentic and innovative dishes, Suya-pizza is prepared from the scratch with fresh all-natural ingredients.

Food service counter
Food Service

Visit African Miliki FOOD DISPLAY for our African food menu and affordable competitive prices so you may make your selection and send in your catering request with our online form. You may also email us your inquiry or call us with any questions you may have before placing your order. We will beat any advertised price, of similar African dishes to ours, offered by any food catering company or restaurant in California or Nevada. The larger your're catering order, the lower your bill per food serving or plate. With a verifiable event plan, date and location, you may ask for taster plate samples of any of the African dishes showcased in our African food menu at a discounted rate.

We offer African food catering from:
North African cuisine,
South African cuisine,
East African cuisine
West African cuisine
Creole and Cajun cuisine
Caribbean islands cuisine
Afro-centric South America
Indeed we at African Miliki catering services embrace Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Kenyan, South African, Moroccan, Soul and Southern, Jamaican, and Brazilian food recipes and give them our secret and unique savory twist.

dinner for 24Dinner for 24 people click to enlarge (Catering individual feast with gourmet African cooking)
African Miliki offers other party services: event planning, venue decorating, buffet setup, luncheon and dinner table setting; furniture, china, food trays, platters, service bowls and silverware rentals. We also have large 20' x 40' party tent to rent.