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Cooking Classes

African Miliki offers cooking classes in African and Continental cuisine on the first Thursday of every month from 2 pm to 5 pm at our 330 E. South Street, Long Beach kitchen. Call (888)562-0776 for more information. Ask for Mama Miliki.

On-Call-Chef (OCC) and Cooking Instructor (CI)

Dedicated to providing our clients with the best authentic African and Continental dishes, African Miliki is continuously looking for talented cooks to join our ever growing team of On-Call Chef. Interested persons must:

  1. Reside in Southern California, USA
  2. Be preferably first or second generation California resident who originated at the region of Africa or the Diaspora (The Caribbean Islands or Afro-centric USA and South America) that is associated with proposed display dishes.
  3. Be able to skillfully prepare and present at least three gourmet dishes, three appetizers, and three aperitifs that are authentic to and favored in their region of origin.
  4. Be ready to participate in an interview process at which the applicant’s dishes are presented to African Miliki's expert Chef to judge suitability for inclusion in our Food Display.
  5. Be willing to produce written recommendations from three persons who can testify to:
    • the preparation of the proposed display dishes by applicant OCC,
    • the ability of the applicant OCC to constantly produce tasty replicas (using proven recipes) of the proposed display dishes in a professional manner,
    • the authenticity of both applicant and dishes in regards to their Afro-centricity.

Applicant should: send email to indicating an interest in becoming part of African Miliki's team of On-Call Chef. The email should include:

  1. Applicants name, home address, phone number and e-mail.
  2. Names and native region of dishes.
  3. Attached picture of each proposed dish as prepared and presented by applicant.

On selection of an applicant as On-Call Chef (OCC), he/she will be contracted by African Miliki as such. His/her dishes will be presented to African Miliki's clients at the Food Display. When orders are placed, the OCC if invited will assist African Miliki's resident expert Chef to prepare the dishes. Compensation is on commission basis.

Occasionally an OCC is commissioned as Cooking Instructor (CI) by African Miliki to teach the preparation of his/her dishes at cooking classes organized by the company.